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Warehouse Storage Options for Small Spaces

warehouse storage options for small spaces

Navigating storage in limited warehouse spaces can be a challenge. Yet, with the right strategy and tools, it is entirely possible to make every inch count. At Commander Warehouse, we pride ourselves on offering warehouse storage options for small spaces tailored to these very challenges. Below, we explore the best warehouse storage options for limited spaces.

Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is indispensable in any warehouse, regardless of its size. But in smaller spaces, it is essential to use robust multi-level shelving systems that are both space-efficient and durable. Commander Warehouse’s range of industrial shelving is designed to withstand hefty weights, ensuring products are safe and easily accessible.

Storage Bins

Lose an item, and you lose time. Storage bins are the perfect solution for those minute items that can easily get misplaced. Opt for clear or labelled bins to quickly identify contents, and consider stackable storage bin varieties to leverage vertical space.


Think you are out of floor space? Look up! Mezzanines are elevated platforms that functionally add another floor to your warehouse, making them an innovative way to harness unused vertical space. Thanks to Commander Warehouse’s custom design services, you can have a mezzanine tailored to your workspace’s specific spatial requirements.

Pull-Out Units

Compact spaces often mean looking at storage depth-wise. Pull-out units, particularly for bulky tools or machinery, provide easy access without gobbling up precious floor space. Consider utilizing rolling tool boxes to help organize all of your supplies in one easy-to-move unit.

Mobile Ladders & Stairs

When you are maximizing vertical space, accessing higher shelves becomes a priority. Sturdy ladders and mobile stairs are non-negotiable in most warehouse environments, as they ensure safety while making those top-shelf storage areas easily reachable.

Vertical Carousels

In the age of automation, vertical carousels are a game-changer. These systems rotate shelves or bins to the user’s level, effectively eradicating the need for walking through aisles and manually searching for items.

Mobile Shelving

If you need to store a lot of files or small inventory items in a small footprint, mobile shelving provides the perfect solution for maximizing your floorspace. These units—either manual or powered—are designed to move along tracks, allowing the shelves to sit closer together when not in use and for aisles to be easily opened up when needed.

Every warehouse is unique, and so are its storage challenges. Commander Warehouse’s design services offer complete storage systems, ensuring a tailored fit for every individual space, even if it is a very small one. Get in touch via our online contact form, and our specialists will help out with the rest.

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