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What are Bar Stock Racks?

Bar Stock Racks

While most racking systems are designed to hold palletized or boxed goods, some operations need to store long metal trim, PVC pipes, or wooden materials for manufacturing and shipping. As a standard pallet racking system is not designed for long materials, they are not a safe or effective solution. If your operation consistently handles and stores pipes, metal bars, long lumber, and other difficult products, you need a bar stock racking system that is specifically designed to hold these materials. As a leading provider of quality racking solutions for various applications, Commander Warehouse Equipment knows that the products you choose for your facility can be the difference between meeting quotas and missing deadlines. That is why we have compiled some information outlining what bar stock racking systems are and the features they offer to demonstrate how they can enhance operations that handle long materials.

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Bar Stock Racks – An Overview

Bar stock racking systems are designed using standard rack components for light-duty and medium-duty applications, making them the perfect storage solution for hand-loaded bars, pipes, or long narrow trims. While bar stock racking is best for light or medium loads and is recommended for materials up to 12′ in height, each system offers a weight capacity of 600 lb per arm to safely hold additional products as needed.

Benefits of Bar Stock Racks

Bark stock racks offer the following benefits for various applications:

Exceptional Customization

Bar stock racking systems are available with a variety of arm lengths, ranging from 9” to 24”. Regardless of the chosen size, each arm can be installed on 3″ adjustable centres, allowing you to choose the perfect configuration for the materials you handle. All arms are attached using a double bracket connection and can be used in both single- and double-sided configurations for further flexibility and customization, allowing you to build the perfect racking solution for your facility.

Enhanced Productivity and Safety

By using a dedicated bar stock racking system for pipes and other long materials, workers will have a clear view of the materials on each shelf. This makes it easy to quickly locate the desired product(s) and pick them by hand without accidentally moving other products, increasing productivity and safety. Materials can also be placed or retrieved in bulk with a forklift if necessary, further increasing productivity.

To learn more about bar stock racking or to inquire about our other products, get in touch with the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products or your facility.

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