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What Can Mezzanines be Used for?

What Can Mezzanines be Used for?

If you are looking for a way to add space to your facility without moving to a new building, a warehouse mezzanine may be the perfect solution. These versatile systems are a safe and effective way to add more space to your warehouse or industrial facility without compromising existing space or structures. Whether you are looking for a free-standing mezzanine, a rack-supported mezzanine, or a wide-span structural mezzanine, there are many options that can be seamlessly integrated into your operation. As leading providers of mezzanines for all applications, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment knows how valuable these systems can be in any industry. That is why we have compiled some information to outline what mezzanines can be used for to demonstrate how they can enhance productivity and safety for your operation.

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3 Popular Uses for Warehouse Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines of all types can be used in the following ways to great effect:

1. Product Storage

Mezzanines are a great way to increase storage space for your operation, allowing you to store more products, parts, or materials in a safe location for easy retrieval. This is especially true for rack-supported units as they include several shelves for better organization and efficiency. All mezzanines can also be equipped with a variety of gates, allowing workers to use forklifts to place heavy materials and palletized goods on the top level. This allows you to use the lower level of the mezzanine for smaller items while the top level can be used for large products or other goods.

2. Assembly Areas/General Work Areas

For most operations, additional storage space often comes at the expense of existing operating space. By installing a mezzanine, you can create additional storage space on the bottom while preserving the same assembly area/general workspace on top. Alternatively, you can use both levels as a space for assembly, detailed work, packaging/staging, and other relevant tasks. This allows you to maintain the same level of productivity or increase productivity based on your needs and preferences.

3. Offices

Most types of mezzanines can be fully enclosed by installing walls around the top level. This allows operations to create additional office space for floor supervisors or logistics coordinators, placing them in a location that is ideal for their responsibilities. This gives you the freedom to place an office wherever you wish in your facility without sacrificing existing storage or workspace.

To learn more about mezzanines, what they can be used for, or which type would be the best fit for your operation, reach out to the team at Commander Warehouse. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products.

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