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Loading Dock Safety Tips

Loading dock safety tips

Getting to know some simple loading dock safety tips will help ensure that you are providing employees with the safest working environment possible. At Commander Warehouse, we understand how dangerous loading docks can be when not used properly. That is why we carry a wide selection of dock equipment that is specifically designed to help create a safer workspace.

1. Utilize Barriers to Prevent Falls

Even though ramps, dock boards, or other devices can be used to bridge the approximately four-foot space between the ground and the loading dock, safety protocols should still be put in place to help raise awareness of the fall hazard. Scissor gates, chains, railings, or other barriers can be easily installed to inform employees about the fall hazard being exposed when the overhead door is open.

2. Use Locking Devices to Secure Trailers to Loading Docks

Before loading or unloading a trailer, it is extremely important to ensure that wheel chocks or automatic vehicle restraints like dock locks are in place, as these mechanisms will help prevent the trailer from separating from the dock. It is also important to double check dock plates prior to use to ensure that they are secure and can safely support the load.

3. Use All Available Lighting

Taking the time to ensure that operational lights on forklifts are functioning and to turn on all available dock lights will help illuminate any hidden hazards, preventing accidents from occurring. Ensuring that all lights are working optimally can be especially beneficial when employees have to load or unload a trailer during low light hours.

4. Use Mobile Equipment Safely

While forklifts can be invaluable tools for efficiently moving materials throughout the workplace, forklift equipment needs to be properly maintained in order to ensure that it is safe to use. Certified operators should always ensure proper horn, light, and seat belt use, while also exercising caution in congested areas.

5. Create Clear Communication with Drivers

Making it easy for dock workers and truck drivers to have clear visual communication is an essential part of creating a safe loading dock. Clear communication can make the difference between safely unloading a trailer or an accidental fall off the dock.

If you would like to learn more loading dock safety tips, or if you are interested in any of our dock equipment, please contact Commander Warehouse at one of our four locations across Western Canada by filling out a contact form on our website.

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