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Which Type of Security Enclosure is Right for You?

Security Enclosure Types

If your operation handles valuable consumer goods, expensive materials, or potentially hazardous items, it is crucial to ensure that each of these items are sufficiently protected and secured. Failure to secure these items can drastically increase the risk of theft, damage, or employee injury. To ensure optimal protection and security for important items in your facility, you will need to invest in a high-quality security enclosure. As a leading provider of security enclosures for operations of all sizes, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment knows how important it is to choose the right unit for your needs. That is why we have compiled some information to help you determine which type of security enclosure is right for you and your needs.

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What are Security Enclosures?

Security enclosures, also known as security cages or locking enclosures, are specifically designed to keep valuable equipment and products secure in a facility, minimizing the risk of items being stolen or damaged. Security enclosures can also be easily transported from one location to the next, allowing them to be set up to cordon off dangerous areas on a job site and protect employees or pedestrians from being injured. While most security enclosures can be used for similar purposes, it is crucial to choose the right unit for your specific operational requirements and the amount of space you have.

Which Security Enclosure is Best for Your Operation?

The following types of security enclosures offer several benefits for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial operations:

EZRECT Security Lockups

If your warehouse already uses EZRECT shelving, you can easily make your existing shelving much more secure for your equipment and products by installing EZRECT security lockups. Every EZRECT security lockup system consists of lockable wire mesh doors, wire mesh back panels, and solid side panels that can be bolted onto the existing shelving system in any warehouse space. This allows for fast installation and enhanced security without taking up additional floor space.

Security Wire Fencing

Security wire fencing products are designed to secure valuable equipment and items from being stolen by providing a storage area that offers complete visibility alongside unrestricted light, air, and heat circulation. Each system is constructed from pre-engineered wire partitions that are designed to create a structurally sound enclosure that is both strong and flexible. This makes them ideal for securing expensive parts, tools, and equipment in a warehouse, factory, or on the job site. These units can be installed in the corner of a facility or against a large wall to create a secure storage room. This room can then be outfitted with shelving, cabinets, and other equipment to allow for optimal organization and security.

To learn more about security enclosures and other warehouse equipment, get in touch with the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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