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How to Safely Store Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinder Storage

If you need to store gas cylinders for your operation, it is crucial to ensure that they are sufficiently protected and stabilized. Whether you store propane cylinders for your forklift or another type of compressed gas, it is crucial to ensure that everyone in your facility knows how to safely store gas cylinders. As a leading provider of quality gas cylinder cabinets, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment knows how dangerous gas cylinders can be if they are not stored properly. That is why our team has put together a list of important storage considerations and some information on our gas cylinder cabinets to demonstrate how they can enhance your operation.

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3 Important Considerations for Gas Cylinder Storage

To ensure optimal safety when storing your gas cylinders, it is crucial to consider the following elements:

1. Ventilation and Drainage

All gas cylinders must be stored in a fire-resistant enclosure that is well-ventilated, cool, and protected from extreme weather patterns. Storing a gas container in an enclosed space with completely solid walls can cause the cylinder to heat up over time, increasing the risk of explosion or other hazards. To ensure sufficient ventilation and temperature regulation, it is important to choose a storage cabinet with wire mesh surfaces. This will ensure that the storage temperature never exceeds 52°C, keeping your cylinders safe.

2. Cylinder Positioning and Spacing

Every gas cylinder will need to be supported with straps, chains, or other devices to keep them standing upright and reduce the risk of falling over. Allowing cylinders to lay flat or fall will drastically increase the risk of explosion, cylinder malfunction, broken seals, or defective valves. Certain types of cylinders should also be stored at least 20 ft apart. For example, an oxygen cylinder would need to be stored at least 20 ft away from a propane cylinder to minimize the risk of potential fire hazards.

3. The Type of Gas in Each Cylinder

As referenced earlier, it is crucial to be aware of the contents of each gas cylinder before storing them in the same cabinet. Storing an oxygen container with a flammable gas can drastically increase the risk of fire and explosion, so it is often best to store these cylinders in different cabinets. Opting to store flammable gases and toxic gases in their own cabinets will also increase organization and efficiency, making it well worth your time.

Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets

A dedicated gas cylinder cabinet features heavy-duty wire mesh doors and walls to allow for adequate ventilation without compromising protection or security. Some cabinets also feature anchoring equipment, padlock hatches, and straps to ensure optimal stability and security should an accidental collision occur with the cabinet. When choosing a gas storage cabinet, be sure to only choose units that have been constructed to meet or exceed strict CSA International B149-2-0 Propane Storage and Handling standards.

To learn more about gas cylinder storage cabinets and other warehouse equipment, get in touch with the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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